Care knowledge cars

1. Roll the cake slowly startup When starting the car in the morning , you need at least 30 seconds for the machine perfunctorily mode (more if the car is not used for 24 hours ) . In case long enough run rough , low oil pressure causing the device not sufficient lubrication . Time not to be too long (over 10 minutes ) by petrol consumption and engine will not heat up to the temperature needed .


Driving a vehicle in the first kilometers is like trying to drive you to save fuel. Means an increase or decrease slowly station, limited emergency braking and holding rpm in the second half of the dashboard. On many models the experts recommend keeping rpm at speeds below 3,000 rev / min. If sudden acceleration, greater friction causes wear and equipment increased, creating openings and the structure is no longer fit together. 2. Faithful to a fuel With newer cars, it’s best to use gasoline A95 and never pour Others. Using gasoline with different octane (95 or 92) make the electronic system trouble. When refueling, via the sensor controller ECU center set up a state of optimal process feed, combustion in the cylinder and exhaust emissions. If you use different types, ECU will continue to change the parameters that combustion does not achieve the best performance. 3. Regular Vehicle Maintenance This measure is not needed so much intelligence, just you remember. However, many customers neglected maintenance schedule, oil change, oil filter and fuel filter animals that manufacturers recommend. The same vehicle and operating conditions, but the life and features are different in each user. In addition to the characteristics of each manufacturer, reliability depends largely on the attitude of the vehicle owner. If you care and attention, the car will not labor this side. 4. Regularly check the oil and tire pressure Need to check the engine oil level at least once a month, do not just rely on indicator light on the dashboard. Oil works to protect and extend the life of the engine. So, when possible, parking in that flat and check the oil level when the engine is cold. To test, remove the oil dipstick clean, then plug back and pulled up again. If there is a thin layer of oil in the middle notch stick marking the lowest and the highest (min and max) on the dipstick first, everything was fine. If the oil is below the lowest grip (min), you need to add oil to the engine magnet. Simple and easy to do, but still many people do not realize the advantages of keeping proper tire pressure. Because plastic is compressed so flat tire surface in contact with the pavement and returned to its original state when no longer exposed. In the process, the tire generates a mechanical wave motion along some abrasion phenomenon. If the amount of air in the tires less, that waves become stronger and, of course, also increased abrasion. Tyres so cangqua makes loss of traction, vehicle shock and vibration affect the mechanical structure. 5. Driving stability No increase, sudden deceleration, braking and do not restrict the situations try you sure will affect the operation of the vehicle. Except for the racing and the level has been, every product is manufactured for use in normal conditions. If you make it to work beyond their capability, just like humans, the disease will come.

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