7-seats Innova Car Rental

                                                              7-seats Innova car rental
7-seats Innova car rental have short-term contracts according to the journey or long-term contracts for companies.
New car with luxury interior, drivers are experienced, dedicated and thoughtful.
7-seats Innova car rental of Saco Saigon fleet is a friend with customers during journey, drivers with a lot of experience always have health checks periodically. Saco Saigon fleet always give drivers professional training to improve their awareness and abide by the rule when driving.
7-seats Toyota Innova car rental 2020 has come out in Thailand. This is the original of new generation of Innova in Vietnam. So Vietnamese customers are very curious about Innova 2020 so they have plan to buy it. This article will release exterior and interior design of this car.
Hence, although 7-seats Innova cars have nothing new compared with the previous generations but the cars are improved some equipments in 2020. It promises a new best branch in Vietnam.

Price of Toyota Innova in March 2020
VersionInnova 2.0E MTInnova 2.0GVenture ATInnova 2.0V
Discounted PriceContactContactContactContact


Price of Toyota Innova (Unit: Million VND)
Ho Chi Minh City8379219561.057
Ha Noi1.2469389731.076

(*) The above price is just a reference. Discount programs at different time are different depending on customers. Please call hotline for consulting the exact prices.

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