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There are many 4-seats cars in the market. The 4-seats cars are favorite with many famous brands such as Chevrolet Spark, Kia Morning, Huyndai Grand i10, Honda, Toyota. So what is the selection for cheap 4-seats cars?

Saco Saigon fleet specializes in renting 4-seats newly cars, the interior is clean and beautiful. Before using, we always make it clean and do antiseptic

With a driver fleet are hard working to serve family, company signs long-term, short-term contracts. Our company has discount policy for long-term 4-seats car rental.

Hyundai Grand i10 2019

This is a brand at the first top of revenue. This brand is favorite by customers because the exterior design is beautiful with many modern equipments and very convenient. In addition, the price is very reasonable.

Small 4-seats car i10 is designed with leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather seats to bring comfortable. Rear seats can be folded 6/4, smart key system, 7-inch-screen connecting speaker, Bluetooth easily

Among cheap 4-seats cars, Huyndai Grand i10 has many outstanding advantages. Cars have higher basement, large and modern interior, the engine operates stably and is extremely durable. Ahthough it belongs to cheap cars, its quality is not bad.

The price of Huyndai i10 changes based on car models, engine and capacity. The current prices are among 315 million and 420 million VND. This car brand is the top favorite of customers. Besides, this is one of 4-seats cars with cheapest price in Vietnamese market today.



Toyota Wigo 2019

Toyota Wigo car 2019 with the length is 3660 mm, the width is 1600 mm and the height is 1520 mm. The design of product is youthful and dynamic.

Among cheap 4-seats cars, Wigo is the most attractive. Although it newly comes to Vietnamese market, it can compete with other cars.

Toyota Wigo 2019 in the market includes 1.2AT and 1.2MT. They are designed with a 4-cylinder system with 16 electronic fuel injection valves so it operates very optimally. The car can go 86 horsepower continuously and reaches torque up to 4200 rpm. Therefore, they operate strong, smooth and especially the maximum fuel savings. The car is worth for everyone who wants to challenge


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