29-seats car rental




Saco Saigon fleet is one of the units that belong to Saco tour travel specializing in car rental of 4-seats, 16-seats, 29-seats and 45-seats. 29-seats cars in Ho Chi Minh City have high quality such as Universe Mini, Thaco Town, Samco Felix, etc with a car rental network throughout Ho Chi Minh City and with the staffs and drivers are enthusiastic, dedicated and thoughtful.

29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City

What makes customers chose Saco Saigon fleet in the past many years? Why should choose 29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City of Saco Saigon fleet?

29-seats newly car with fully furnished

What kind of car? What brand of car? What is the quality of car?
29-seats car of Saco Saigon fleet are the latest versions such as Universe Mini, Thaco Town, Samco Felix, County at 2019 – 2020 version

Interiors of car are clean and fully furnished such as wifi, karaoke, fridge, etc. It brings to customers the satisfaction and safety during the travel journey

29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City at cheap price


2. The prices of 29-seats car rental are the most competitive in the market

Besides the quality of service, price is one of important factors when you rent 29-seats cars of Saco Saigon fleet. Saco Saigon fleet always ensure the price of 29-seats car rental is qualified and have the correct and reasonable prices during the journey. The company don’t use external car-booking service that make Saco Saigon fleet reduce the quality and brand.

Consultant fleet is experienced and dedicated in helping customers choosing the suitable cars for the journey with the best prices.

29-seats Universe car rental

3. Driver fleet is very enthusiastic and friendly to customers.

Customers are always given priority. The happiness of customers is our happiness. Saco Saigon fleet is always enthusiastic, police and thoughtful.

Drivers are very experienced, wear police uniforms, always be at the pick up’s places before 30 minutes. Drivers follow the rule, never speeding carelessly and ensure the safety of customers.

4. Fast Booking – quick payment

If you want to rent 29-seats car in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact directly to Mrs. Anh Hong at phone number 0918727272, or send us email or booking directly in our website, our staff will receive information promptly and give feedback soonest. Customer service will receive information and support you 24/24.

29-seats car rental service in Ho Chi Minh City

How many kinds of 29-seats car rental services in Ho Chi Minh City?

– 29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City with cheap prices and for summer vacation
– 29-seats car rental to pick up from Tan Son Nhat airport to other provinces.
– 29-seats car rental for weddings with decorations according to the requests.
– 29-seats car rental to pick up staffs or pupils at urban and suburban
– 29-seats monthly car rental

29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City

What kinds of 29-seats cars you should choose?

The car has a rear engine which helps the car operate smoothly and more powerful. Placing engine at the front will make the inner space of car bad and very noisy.

29-seats car rental in Ho Chi Minh City

29-seats car is the most favorite car of customers. The cars have modern style with luxury and fully furnished. Our customers choose 29-seat Samco car for their trips because cars afford two most important criteria: high quality and best price

29-seats Samco car rental in Ho Chi Minh City

29-seats Huyndai Universe mini car rental

This car is considered as the most advanced car in the Vietnamese market of 29-seats cars today. It is suitable for foreign customers and high-class partners.

Inner space of car is large and spacious seats make comfortable space for customers. It has the most modern air conditioners system and sound system. Basement is so large that can carry the large number of luggages. We guarantee to satisfy even the most difficult customers when renting our 29-seats cars














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