16-seats monthly Ford Transit car rental

16-seats mothly Ford Transit car rental 

The 16-seats long-term car rental service is growing in Vietnam market for demanding of moving, working, traveling, weddings, etc. that are more convenient and comfortable. When it comes to these 16-seater cars, there are probably three big names like Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Toyota Hiace that are no stranger to the discerning user. Especially with the famous Ford brand worldwide, surely you will not be disappointed when renting a Ford Transit car.
Why should you rent a 16-seats monthly Ford Transit car?
16-seats monthly car rental Ford Transit is the most popular tourist car in Vietnam, is a famous car company of the United States and is manufactured and designed in European style. You can easily see the 16-seats Ford Transit on Saigon streets because of its trustworthiness and common use.
With the modern, luxurious, beautiful interior and exterior design combined with a smooth running engine, no noise. Extremely solid and safe devices capable of the ability to challenge all obstacles helps you get the most complete and perfect journey.
Exterior Of Ford Transit
The exterior of the car is cleverly and harmoniously combined with dynamic and creative designs making it an extremely luxurious highlight for the car. Since then it meets and satisfies all the needs of customers.
Interior of 16-seats monthly car rental for Ford Transit
The space of car is spacious and comfortable, the air conditioner is spread out to 2 sides, the seats are covered with soft leather cushions creating comfort for you during the journey. When going on business or traveling with Ford Transit, you can relax and take a nap to recover energy for the next job.
In Ho Chi Minh City, understanding the rising demand for 16-seats car rental, Saco has invested and provided a 16-seats monthly car rental service of Ford Transit with competitive price.
Things to know when choosing a 16-seats Ford Transit car rental
What is the car rental price?
The price of a 16-seats Ford Transit car depends on several factors such as the type of car, the size of the car, the model of the car and the quality of the service. The best way is to consult with car rental companies that you know, or you can ask friends and relatives who have used car rental services.
Car rental for 16-seats with contract
Renting a car the most important thing is definitely the contract. In the contract, there will be specific and clear provisions from the two parties from the type of car rented, model of the car, rental schedule, prices, rights and responsibilities of two parties when renting the car. And to be sure, you need to write specify number of car in the contract.
Some notes when renting 16-seats Ford Transit car
It is necessary to have a contract between the two parties, and to ensure the benefits of the car rental, especially in the peak season, you should set penalties for the terms of contract if the rental service do not provide the right type of car as well as time difference.
Because the purpose of finding a 16-seats Ford Transit car is to serve business trips, travel and fun, enjoy life, so you should be careful with cheap car delivery services because the quality of the car is not guaranteed. The best way is that you ask to see the car first and then make a car rental contract.
16-seats monthly car rental
Choose a 16-seats Ford Transit car rental company
Currently on the market there are hundreds of units, companies for the 16-seats Ford Transit car rental in Ho Chi Minh City but to find a reliable, quality and affordable rental address is not easy. Especially because there are so many places to rent 16-seats monthly car so the price of the service is also different. Although the rental price is one of the deciding factors for signing a contract between the two parties, the quality of the car, providing comfort for the whole trip is also an equally important factor in choosing the services. So you know how to do and make balance between the two factors “price” and “quality”.
Saco Saigon fleet is confident for renting 16-seats car. It is one of the best 16-seats monthly car rental units for wedding, business with prestige and quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

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